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Have you had a locksmith evaluate your home recently? We can come by and take a look at your locks to make sure they are up to today's quality standards. Safety is key

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AROUND THE CLOCK LOCKSMITH is your residential locksmith expert in Charleston. We are here to handle all your residential locksmith needs in Charleston SC. From simple rekeying of your property to one key working all of your locks to installing all types of hardware to improve your homes accents,  24hourlocksmith-charleston is dedicated to provide a lock system in your home with your safety in mind.

Residential locks come in all shapes and sizes. You may prefer a decorative style or basic set up but it's your choice. Our vendors are nationally known and only have quality products. Do you see a particular set you like? let us know and we can purchase at wholesale prices to save you money. We suggest that you always put a package together that is futuristic in case you decide to sell your home. Safety is key to purchasing a new home and potential buyers will look at the security and locks placed around the residence.

Whether it's new construction or existing, our residential Charleston locksmith staff is ready to meet your demands. Ask yourself some simple questions. Do you know how many people have a key to your home? When was the last time you had your home rekeyed? If you are not sure then simply call us and let us ease your mind by rekeying your property which will put your mind at ease.

When was the last time you had a residential locksmith evaluate your home? Our 24 hour locksmith in Charleston team can come by and take a look at your locks to make sure they are up to today's quality standards. Safety is key - no pun intended!

24hourlocksmith-charleston has a huge selection of products like keyless entry, bolts, and heavy duty padlocks. Around The Clock Locksmith will originate master key systems for your residents. We can repair most of your residential locks and lock sets. 

Here are a few of the Residential Locksmith services that we perform:

  • Home Lockouts
  • Home Rekeying And Setup Of One Key For All Doors
  • Sales and Installation Of Decorative Hardware
  • Repair Locks and/or Replacement Of Existing Hardware
  • Keyless Entry Hardware With Monitoring System

Our professional 24 hour residential locksmith quality service team will always be ready to assist you for all your home locksmith needs.  Make Around The Clock Locksmith your first choice in all your Residential Locksmith needs.

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