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Let the keys rain. Two 6 button fobik with emergency keys cut and programmed on site for 2014 Chrysler Town and country mini van by one of our Locksmith for a distraught single mom that was in tears when we showed up.
Putting some distance between our locksmith business and others that want to be. Our master Locksmith Troy just knocked out two high security switchblade key remote combo on site from scratch on a 2013 Fiat 500. Needless to say our customer was out of thi
2 high security flip key remote combo with remote start and 1 standard high security transponder keys cut and programmed on site for a 2013 Chevy Camero.
Running and making keys. Here we have one of our head locksmith Matt knocking out 2 switch blade key remote combos for a 2014 Kia sorento. We keep a variety of key in stock for all major vehicles.
Two prox keys with emergency insert cut and programmed on site for 2014 Nissan Altima.
2 prox key with high security emergency key cut and programmed on site for a 2012 Kia Optima. We keep a high variety of dealer keys both for foreign or domestic vehicle so we can service our customers right away.
At the local Chevy dealership. Just finished 2 high security flip key remote combo cut and programmed on site for 2015 GMC Terrian. The car is sold and the keys are misplaced somewhere between the wash and the sales office. Who do the dealers call when th
Let the night calls begin. Out in the rain just made 2 key remote combo from scratch on site for a 2014 Dodge Avenger.
Knocking our another. Quick key remote combo for a 2007 Dodge Magnum. Let the evening calls begin. Call Around The Clock Locksmith at 843-270-3872 we are here 24/7 to take care of your locksmith needs
Two Lexus high security Key remote combo cut and programmed on site for 2006 Lexus RX400h.
Quick early morning call at the isle of palms beach. This one is a key remote combo with a remote start on a 2007 Jeep Commander.
Here is another one. Two new switch blade high security key remote combo cut and programmed on site for a 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe yes we keep these keys in stock.
2 tibie remote and keys cut and programmed on site for a 2013 Ford Transit van. Not a lot of people are making the tibi keys especially on site. At the Dealership you would have a 7 day wait to get the keys ordered from the dealership. How much money woul
One of our locksmiths Matt just finished up two new prox remote fob for a 2014 Cadillac ATS push to start system. To customers amazement we had the two proximity fobs in stock. She said the dealership doesn't even have the remotes in stock and the emergen
Finished product. New high-security transponder key cut and programmed from scratch. Just like that to the customers amazement. First question out of our customers mouth after we were all done was "I don't understand why the dealership makes it so hard an
Here is a blast from the past. Mazda's one and only high security key vehicle the Mazda Millennia. A glorified Mazda 626. This one is a 2000 model. The customer said the dealer told them no one can make this key and they have to special order it. The deal
Our price are so low that our customers omers usually end up getting two keys instead of one. Here is a PROX 5 button with auto start on a 2014 Infiniti JX35 push to start vehicles. Customer made a quick call to us after the dealership told them to call a
Push pad Monday. Installing a brand new Schlage push pad lever with key over ride for one of customers. She wanted an easy assess for her kids so they can get into the house after school with out having to carry a key.
Early morning Lock pick. Not a bad way to start the day with a quick lock pick on this 25 degree morning. Had a customer trying to run out to warm up her car this chilly morning and accidentally locked herself out of her home. Using her neighbors phone sh
New to the hardware in the show room. Now your front door lock can compliment you the color of your shutters, door, siding or even better express yourself. EMTEK's new line of accented hardware has arrived. Call Around The Clock Locksmith at 843-270-3872
Van stacked up. Loaded and ready to go for a new hardware install on a custom house. We provided this customer with EMTEK thumb latch lockset for front main door and the rest of the house with SCHLAGE hardware to keep the cost economical but keep the look
The new EMTEK lock display is ready for the unveiling. Contact Around The Clock Locksmith at 843-270-3872 for all the latest in the EMTEK hardware to bring your homes accents into another level.
Little early morning fun with one of our locksmiths Matt. Doing a final walk through to recheck all install and functionality of all locks. When we punch out and deliver a job you better be sure that everything has been walked through and inspected.
Installing a set of Emtek lockset a from scratch on a custom home in Sullavains Island. We take pride on every install while using some of the best made hardware in the residential market.
They sure don't make them like target use to. Here is a kwickset deadbolt that is well over 50 years old still grinding away and functioning to its potential. This deadbolt is on a warehouse side door to that gets used about 15-20 times a day. If you go a
Another clean install. All day every day. This one on a custom door on a custom house for one of our contacted custom home builders.
Custom home install. Getting ready to deliver another custom home decorative heardware install. Our professionals have all the latest equipment and supplies to perform an outstanding job for our customers. Call Around The Clock Locksmith at 843-270-3872 f
Where the OLD meets the NEW. Fresh install of a Kaba-ILCO smart card entry lever set on a historical residence in downtown today. Due to historical society rules of governing body all modification have to be requested and a permit applied for. After a int
Here is latch view. Clean and precious. Nothing but the best for our customers.
New install on a custom home set up for delivery. Baldwin hardware all around installed from scratch. Customer was and is very particular and very specific but then again we hold ourselves to even higher standards than that. So we welcome all demands from
We carry a wide verity of Bravura hardware form Europe's great home hardware to the United States. Call Around The Clock Locksmith at 843-270-3872 for all your decretive hardware and take your homes appearance and feel to another level.
Rocky Mountain Hardware display up and ready to show. We proudly carry Rocky Mountain hardware collection with the latest designs from hinges to throw bolts to handsets. Call Around The Clock Locksmith at 843-370-3872 for all you decretive heardware needs
New home construction. Getting ready to instal a brand new Baldwin thumb latch and deadbolt combo on a custom home. We are outfitting this home in Baldwin hardware.
Rekeying and repairing a gate lock for a pool for a custom home in downtown.
New fresh install. Installing a new Schlage thumb latch and deadbolt set. That Brushed Nickle finish really pops against the cherry wood color on the front door of this custom home. The owners really were happy that they were "talked out" of brass finish
Commercial door transformation. Swapping out an old knob lock and installing a brand new grade 1 push bar with a grade 1 rim cylinder handle set entry set on a back door of a local restaurant. Now this door is secure the business protected and able to hol
Installing a brand new Kaba E-Plix push pad lever lock with a restricted over ride key for one of our account customers for a local property managment company.
Securing a local Bank. Switching a buildings lock system from a standard Yale mortis to a ASSA restricted high security key way.
Who has a key to your business? Call Around The Clock Locksmith at 843-270-3872 and have our professionals asses your business security and come up with a professional and non duplicable key system. We carry a wide range of ASSA locks with restricted key
Commercial door revival. Call Around The Clock Locksmith at 843-270-3872 for all your locksmith needs. We carry a wide range of commercial hardware in stock.
Another CLOSED case. A quick install on Falcon door closer. Marked, hung and Installed flawlessly for years of solid service. This little door closer takes a licking and keeps on ticking.
This was a basic rear entry door to a gun shop that basically with any pry bar anyone could get into. By the time we were finished they now have a heavy duty latch push bar that you will not be able to pry open from the outside with a Falcon heavy duty do
Another store set for delivery. All new corporate lock set up and deposit safes installed and inspected. Shoe Carnival is set for grand opening
Finished product. The SUR-LOCK device is installed and electronics hooked up with a IC core set up to one of our accounts corporate cores. Along with the install of the device we also installed hinge override protection from the inside along with a panora
Installing new IC core and set to corporate setting for one of seven new Starbucks store opening throughout the greater charleston area. Total of 24 stores are planned to open by summer of 2016! This store is on the beach and it come equipped with hurrica
Quick lock repair on the is Sunday evening. A local church having an issue with one of their single action push bars. A quick phone call and problem solved
Another one bites the dust on this Sunday afternoon. Quick combo change on dial safe at a local watering hole in downtown Charleston. It was good to get out of the rain for this call. On to the next one.
One of our professional locksmith Eric just finished rekeying a concrete distributing warehouse and he said all thier locks were impacted with cement dust. This was just some of dust pulled out of the deadbolt lock on the mixing room door. Luckily he was