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Bluetooth Locks

Jul 19, 2016

For those who are looking for added convenient and safety, blue tooth or electronic locks can provide several options. Blue tooth locking systems work similarly to car sets, and many allow you to download an app and use your phone as your key. There are several advantages—and some disadvantages to them.

Improved security

Because you no longer carry a key, blue tooth locks can be safer than their mechanical counterparts. You'll no longer need to worry about losing your key or fidgeting at the door to get it open. It also means that you won't need to store a spare key somewhere on your property, eliminating the need for one will help make your home safer.

Easy to use

Even if you don’t download an app and use your phone as your key, newer electronic models offer the option of a key fob device to unlock your door. That’s a lot easier than fumbling with a key when your arms are full of groceries or other packages.

Convenient for handicapped/elderly

Some people have a difficult time manipulating mechanical locks simply because they cannot use their hands as well as others. Blue tooth locks eliminate that inconvenience and allow them the safety and dignity they deserve.

You can allow people into your house even if you’re not there

This is particularly useful if you have children or are expecting house guests that arrive before you do. You can send an ‘eKey’ to them via a mobile app so that they can get inside. Some allow you to unlock your home remotely, too. You will not need to make copies of your house key or leave keys out for them.

There are only a few disadvantages, and most locking systems have come up with ways around them.

They can be hacked

This is a concern, but it’s unlikely. Blue tooth lock systems are difficult to hack into because their mechanisms are based on the security protocols deployed in bank systems. The digital encryption mode can’t be duplicated or broken, so common burglars are unable to pick or bump the system.

Power failure

Most electronic locks include some form of battery back up.

Talk to us to find out how long they last and how reliable they are and determine a battery replacement schedule. Blue tooth locks may be just the feature you need to make your home safer from anyone you want to keep out and more convenient for anyone you want to let inside. We will help you find what system may be right for you.